Email Markerting


email marketing the golden goose of the internet

In NIGERIA the amount of email users is so much think of how much income you can generate using email marketing. When you hear of email marketing think of it has selling a product or service through the use of emails “permission based marketing”

7 ways to make money with email.

here are seven ways you can use email to generate income. note: attention, interest, desire, and action (AIDA). are four principles marketers use in sales letters and can be used in lucrative email marketing.

  1. Subscription newsletter. customers often want to hear about a new product, service, ideas, and tips. one way to supply this information and generate income is via a paid subscription email newsletter.
  2. paid advertisements. many entrepreneurs and companies market to the same people you target. charging people for ads space is a great way to generate income using emails.
  3. direct mail. you can use email the same way you would use traditional printed direct mail. market your product and services to your opt in list. and generate income foe yourself.
  4. software. using powerful software like constant contact you can automatically send emails to your customers on a regular and predetermined  timetable (once a week or daily) with this software you can make money online even while you are asleep.
  5. online tutorials. online learning is becoming increasingly popular creating fee based educational lessons ( e course) is another way to make money online using emails.
  6. create a database. use email list to create a grate database. collect as much information you can get about your customers. you can sell this information over and over to companies and generate income online.

surveys. do surveys for others or yourself. then sell or package responses in categories that other email marketers will want to buy from you.

No spam please! 
use combination of these strategies and make money online goodluck


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