Social Networks!

The power of community


we are social creatures, the experience of community is important to us, what we do or wont do in person we often choose to do online.It has the power to give riches to those that know how to use it well.

Internet advertising marketing & social media marketing in NIGERIA

In NIGERIA social media are being used for so many purposes, so when talking about making money online social media marketing is by far one of the easiest way of making cash online. I know it sounds or look like you’re bout to going through one of those long internet marketing class, well no!
its just a simple easy way to make easy cash online in NIGERIA.

How can i make money online in NIGERIA with social network marketing?

Facebook approach


The facebook approach to making money on in NIGERIA is a better approach – by far. So, how does the Facebook approach work?

This method requires that you pull the efforts and resources of your cycle of friends and their own cycle of friends and the cycle of friends of your friends’ cycle of friends.

Do you see the potential in this? As a matter of fact, the potential is limitless as you attract other like-minded individuals to your Facebook community. Using the facebook page approach, you cannot fail to see positive response and results within a short time.

The steps to using the facebook page approach are described below:

    • First Step: Find a Product or Service that you wish to promote. If you wish to join an affiliate marketing company and promote their products and / or services, you may visit sites like associateprograms to search for related affiliate programs to join and promote from your Facebook community page.
    • Step Two: Once you have created a profile on Facebook, you should now be able to create a community page. The next step is to create a community page on Facebook with a catchy title, like Earn $250 Or More Weekly On facebook.
      After creating a community page and uploading a logo for the page, invite all your friends to join your community page and encourage them to invite their friends to the group as well.
    • Step Three: The third step is to create a 5-page free report centred around your niche or chosen subject area.
  • Step Four: The final step is to promote your community page either using Facebook ads or using a GSM shortcode and send it to all GSM numbers in your target area.

The most amazing thing about making money from Facebook is that you do not even need a website in order to promote your home business opportunity.



To outsiders, Twitter can seem like a big waste of time; a bunch of egomaniacs telling the world what they ate for lunch or what they think of the latest contestant on “The Bachelor.” But to those who use it and love it, it’s an invaluable resource. I’ve used Twitter to find new jobs, locate sources for articles, and gather information on a variety of topics.

How Sponsored Tweets Works

There are many ways to use Twitter for business and personal success. However, until recently, I couldn’t put a dollar amount on Twitter. Then I discovered SPONSORED TWEETS, an advertising platform that connects companies with tweeters. Sponsored Tweets allows brands to tap into a Twitter user’s followers to reach new customers. By giving companies access to your Twitter stream, tweeters are compensated for each advertisement they accept.

How to Make Money With Twitter Using

1.Tweeters sign up

Setting up your account will only take a couple of minutes. To be eligible, an account must be at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will review your application, and once you’re approved you can start earning money.

2. Tweeters Promote a Brand on Their Own Terms

The great thing about Sponsored Tweets is that the tweeter is in complete control. If an advertiser is intrigued by the influence you have on your followers, then they present you with an opportunity through your Sponsored Tweets account. They will inform you of what your tweet needs to say and what link must be embedded in the message.

If you don’t like a company that approaches you, you can simply turn down the offer. If you want to move forward with the opportunity, however, simply write the tweet using the guidelines provided by the advertiser, and the advertiser will approve the final text.

All tweets carry full disclosure, which means they must include hash tagged text such as “#sponsored” or “#ad.”  Since you’re writing the tweet, you can create a message you’re comfortable with. Once it’s approved, the tweet is sent out and you receive payment in your Sponsored Tweets account.

3. Tweeters Get Paid

With a typical Sponsored Tweets account, you must earn $50 before you can withdraw funds from your account. However, if you sign up for a “Pro” account, you only need to have $25 in your account before you’re eligible for withdrawal.

You can upgrade your account to Pro status for free for one month, and cancel at any time. After one month you will be charged a monthly fee of $1.99. According to Sponsored Tweets, having a Pro account will move you to the top of the list among available tweeters, which could result in increased offers from advertisers.

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