E-commerce & reverse E-commerce

sell it, then buy it!


This model is honest, legal and smart especially in a marketing medium like the internet in NIGERIA.  YES making money is great but making money without money is better. selling something you don’t own then buying it to fulfill the order is a great way to make money online in NIGERIA.

Here’s how it works.

kongajumiajijiolx, are some of the most used e-commerce sites in NIGERIA. open an affiliates or ads account and begin making money


  • Open an affiliate account in any of the above e-commerce sites or any you know of.!
  • login to your affiliate account get a link of any product you want to promote
  • open a blog, facebook page, social media account, and promote online.
To make money online without money in Nigeria, you have to be active in social networking, get a link of any product and promote it online whenever the product is ordered you get a commission.


To make money with little capital in Nigeria.

yes! this one of my favorite way to make online in Nigeria I’ve made thousands of naira using it. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS.

pick any product depending on your capital, I personal advice start with a  with a little sum of money, buy the product through your affiliate link and get the commission. sell the same product online again and get the commission repeat the process and watch your account balance change

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