Advertising & pay-per-action


in recent years new words like podcast and bling have made there way into dictionaries. one of the new word is GOOGLE. every internet user, blogger, business, site, social network, etc. should consider paid search for making significant income.if you are still unaware of theses opportunities and think of google as just a search engine, this blog would change that.

how it works

GOOGLE AD-SENSE Adsense is a great way to generate steady income online in NIGERIA. note: you must have a lunched website, blog, email and contents that meets googles acceptable guidelines. GOOGLE uses its ADWORDS advertiser database to match highly relevant ads to your sites contents and feeds these ads to your site.

steps to start making money with GOOGLE ADSENSE in NIGERIA

  • sign up for google adsense account here
  • place the html codes that google supplies into the coding for your site/blog.
  • monitor clicks with the software googles supplies.
  • drive targeted traffic to your site from you social networks .
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